Announcement about EPoints rule change


Dear Members,

We would like to thank you for your continuous support.

The first questions of a survey are usually qualification questions which purpose is to know if your profile correspont to the target aimed by the study.
For exemple television owners or person who plan to buy a new car during the next 6 months etc...

By the time you join the survey if the quota for the profile you correspond to is already reached or if your profile simply does not match the survey, the questionnaire is cut short.

In that case, no Epoints are added to your account and as a compensation you automatically enter a monthly lucky draw for a chance to win gift vouchers.

We would like to inform you that starting from October 1st 2011, the compensation will change.
When you do not qualify for a survey, in stead of entering a lucky draw your account will be rewarded 10 EPoints.

From October 1st 2011, for each survey you join will be rewarded a minimum of 10 Epoints and of course more if you qualify and complete the survey. (Complete points are displayed in the invitation email as usual)

Please note that no EPoints are rewarded if you try to join the survey after it is closed.

Thank you very much and we hope to receive your participation in our future surveys.

AIP Online Surveys Malaysia.