[Attention] AIP website maintenance on 10th April 2017


Dear AIP members,

In order to serve our members better, AIP will conduct a website maintenance during below date and time.

Site maintenance period:

From  10th April 2017 03:00
Until   10th April 2017 04:00

Please be informed that members will NOT be able to do the following actions during this maintenance period.

- Enter the website or login to your account

- Participate in a survey (There will be no available survey during the maintenance period)

- Update your profile

- Redeem your points for rewards

- Contact AIP via an Inquiry system on the website

Our site will be back to normal after the maintenance period and members will be able to login as usual.

We are sorry for the inconvenience this might cause and thank you for your kind understanding.
AIP Online Surveys member support