Receive surveys
After joining Rakuten Insight Surveys you will be invited to join various research studies

Generally, we will send you a study invitation via email and/or text message (SMS), you would need to complete the study within cut-off date. Here are some examples of the studies our members regularly join

Online Surveys

Join the survey from your computer or mobile device at home, work or anywhere.

Product Testing Survey

Receive a new product, use it and let us know your feedback.

Sometimes this may be a product not released yet, so you get a chance to try it before everyone else!

In some cases you may also be allowed to keep the product for your personal use after the study is finished.

Online Focus Group/ Online Community

Join an online community for a few days or a few weeks!

You will be able to discuss with the moderator and other community members about the study and complete various tasks such as photo upload, questions and answers etc...

Focus Group Interview/ Central Location Test

Come to a designated venue and discuss with a group of other people about a new product.

A moderator will also be there to assure the discussion goes smoothly

Mystery Shopping Visit

Visit stores and shops and give us your feedback.

You will rate various aspects such as: service level, product display etc...

Mobile Studies

Download and install an App on your mobile device that will be used for the study purpose.

The App may require to do some actions or may just track your device usage.

In any case, our members' privacy and security are our top priority.

Results gathered from all types of studies will be aggregated as statistical information only and will be strictly used for research purposes only.
Rakuten Insight will never disclose your personal information to a third party without your prior consent.

Please click privacy or security for more details on these topics.